5 Job Search Tips for the Highly Sensitive Person

Finding a new job shouldn’t burn you out!

Are you anxious at the thought of leaving your job but know that if you don’t you’ll lose your mind? Do you feel overwhelmed just thinking about interviews and resume updates? Does the thought of “Networking” make you feel so uncomfortable that you’d rather wish upon a shooting star?

For me, all the above was (and still is) true. As A Highly Sensitive Person, you are probably not a fan of the job search. Here are tips you can use today so you can get started on your search and land a job without burn out.

  1. Get Organized- Don’t try to start anything without a system in place. For me that looks like a Trello board. I create a list for each step of the interview process. Doing this at the onset of your search will save you time and stress. You’ll be able to easily see where each potential job is in your funnel clearly and easily. This will decrease the anxiety that you feel when you’re overwhelmed and can’t easily recall what roles you’ve applied to or who you spoke to.
  2. Limit Advice- Step away from the search engine! HSP’s can become stuck in the gray area. You know, that place where you think you should make your resume stand out with color font but then again you think you should keep it classic with black font. The problem is not your ability to stand out or be creative, the problem is that you are taking in too much advice. Stick to the basics and do what has worked for you in the past. If you want to make a career change or need more information on how to nail an interview, talk to someone you trust about it and then commit to only reading 3 articles on it. Anymore and you may end up with analysis paralysis.
  3. Be Prepared- This is straightforward. Take time to have questions ready, do a search on your interviewer and review the company. Set a timer for 20-30 minutes, do your research and then keep it moving. HSPs need time to prepare so they can feel comfortable. Also, don’t forget to have extra copies of your resume and cover letter with you, a notepad with your questions already written and of course a pen! Pick out your clothes the night before and pack a healthy snack.
  4. Networking 2.0- HSPs network best when they are in environments that feel more intimate. In other words, it will be a better idea if you set up many informational interviews. You want to steer clear of late night networking parties. They will likely tired you out. Here’s an effective strategy that works for me: Ask your closest friends if you can search their LinkedIn network for people who you can be introduced to. They will probably say yes. Then you can set up coffee meetings with your friends’ connections. Do this instead of staying out late and you’ll accomplish the same goal of networking effectively.
  5. Rest!- I’m an introverted HSP who loves to keep busy. I have to remember to give myself permission to stop. Only you can decide when you are at your breaking point. When you get there, schedule time for yourself. It can be as simple as going to bed 30 minutes earlier or you can go big and splurge on a day at the spa. Do what makes you feel good while honoring your HSP body’s wish to get some down time. You deserve it and need it.

BONUS- Automate your life. This tip saves me every time I’m running low on energy. Imagine coming home after an informational interview and seeing your laundry at your door along with your groceries. What a relief! If you want to make the most out of your job search without burning out then have someone else do your chores. As a city girl, this means my laundry, cleaning, groceries and sometimes meals are handled from an app or with a phone call. If you are not in the city then send an email blast to your friends or ask your partner or roommate for extra help. You can negotiate how often this needs to happen.

Good luck on your search!