What Type of Foam Is a Great Choice for Recycling?

If you are into the business of foam recycling, we can give you a pretty good idea of the type of foam you can recycle. We know that foam is used to make different types of plastic products, such as protective material for packaging as this product helps absorb shock and offer sound insulation. Apart from this, this material helps overcome technical problems. Let’s find out about the type of recyclable foam.

There are many benefits of foam recycling. For instance, it helps get the most out of the product just like other types of recycling. Read on to know more.


Since foam can help absorb vibration and impact, it is a good choice to offer protection against shock and vibration. In the US and UK, after the delivery of home appliances and furniture, the merchant removes waste foam and consumer gets his parcel and goes back home.

So, a lot of foam is left at the facility, which needs to be recycled. So, there is a lot of material left for recycling.

Fish Boxes

This type of foam is quite adaptable to humidity and temperature changes. The thing is that this material features low thermal conductivity, low hygroscopicity, and low water absorption. Therefore, it’s commonly used for packing fish boxes or for transportation of different kinds of fruits. The benefit of this type is that it keeps the ingredients fresh inside the package for a long period of time.

Medical Cooler

Typically, medical coolers are made from a type of foam that offers chemical stability. Plus, this material protects the contents inside from corrosion. In addition, it is resistant to different types of chemicals, such as alkalis and acids.

Another good thing is that it has a stable temperature to store medical supplies and vaccines. Therefore, it’s a great choice in the world of medicine for the same reasons.

Food cups and Trays

As far as packing food items are concerned, the foam must be food-grade. A few decades back, it was not easy to develop foam to meet this purpose. However, with the improvement in the world of technology, we are now able to remove toxic substances from the package surface. And the credit goes to the food-grade foam.

Today, you can find food trays, teacups and coffee cups made from foam. The low price and great thermal insulation are the two factors that make this product a great choice.

Fabricated Foam

Since there is huge demand for foam across the globe, we can see mass production of these products. As a result, there are large units running for recycling the waste material or scrap foam. The waste material is cut and designed based on the requirements given. For effective recycling, the process should be monitored. Moreover, high quality recycled foam can be sold for a higher price.

Long story short, these are some of the most popular types of foam that can be recycled these days. If you want to start this business, we suggest that you keep these tips in mind.