Job Search Success: Increase Your Odds With an Accountability Partner

Not long ago I met with colleagues for a meeting of the minds. It was a fun time, listening to others share their successes; ask questions and offer support and answers when ever possible. I always seem to learn something new and leave with a new technique to try, blog to read or others to follow on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

As a professional resume writer and career coach the main way I stay connected with others in my industry is through email, forums, e-lists, and social networks. So it is really a treat to be able to spend uninterrupted face-to-face time with colleagues.

During our visits I always try and bring something to the meeting that will help my colleagues. Although we are technically competitors – we all improve by sharing our knowledge and things we’ve learned form our successes and mistakes.

For job seekers, it can be equally isolating going through your job search. It is especially difficult if you have not looked for a new job before or at least not in the last few years. These days, job seekers must understand new technology, new resources, social networking, and the importance of developing and enlisting an effective network.

A great way to get ahead in your job search is to find a job search partner to “workout” with. Just like when you are starting a new physical fitness workout program or working towards a new goal, having someone to assist, support and hold you accountable can really make a difference. The most effective partner is one that is also currently looking for a job. They know first hand the stress, frustration, fears, and problems that come up during a job search.

A job search partner reminds you that you are not alone in your job search. We all hear the high unemployment rates on the news, but sometimes it feels like you are the only one going through it. A partner is someone to vent with, share with, laugh and cry with, and someone to keep motivated. By helping someone else stay motivated you have a better chance of staying motivated and working daily at your job search.

The person can also be very helpful in your search. The two of you can share strategies, useful websites, blogs, and social networks. Together you can cover twice the number of job boards, networking groups, and search strategies, even if you are not looking for work in the same industry or field.

You also can help each other by telling others about your job search partner. If you are in the same field or industry you may find many contacts that may be able to help you and or your partner. Acting as their personal promoter and sharing their information with who ever will listen will help to spread their value to others.

With so many advantages to having a partner in your job search – don’t wait. Find someone (and these days it is pretty easy) that is motivated and willing to work together to wade through the process. Two sets of eyes are better than one – start today.