Hiring Hacks for IT Recruiters

Taking newer approaches and improving hiring strategies has shown be make a difference in today’s age where technology is rapidly making advancements. For recruiters unsure of how to go about with successful recruitment in the current time, here are a few hacks that can help firms land up with the best candidates in the field today:

Don’t put the candidates in a box

More often than not, IT professionals are considered to be nerdy who have certain common interests such as gaming and other hobbies. Putting them in a box can backfire. When candidates come over for an interview, it is best to get to know these candidates well before you pop the question about which games they prefer over others. Since candidates judge the company as much as you scrutinise them, giving them an impression that they do not fit within the culture traditionally followed within your firm can lead to you losing out on the candidate.

Take a creative approach

The internet has changed the way we function to a great extent. Using social media platforms as a resource pool can work in your favour, especially with majority of the IT professionals actively using these platforms. Sourcing candidates through sites made especially for IT professionals is a better approach to hiring. Along with these, using HR analytics software for IT recruitments through the right use of data is yet another approach that can help you find the ideal candidates for IT firms.

Maintain contact with the IT professionals within your circle

Staying in touch with the IT professionals you have already established relations with is a great way to find out the current trends in the field. Sourcing candidates also becomes easier when these professionals within your circle give their referrals of candidates that fit the mould that your firm has in mind. You can also rely on them to help you screen potential candidates if you need the opinion of an IT expert before sending the candidate to the next level of screening.

Join IT groups on social media

IT professionals who love what they do and are passionate about their work will always have the eagerness to learn something new. Finding them on the many IT groups on social media and other platforms wouldn’t be a hard task. By being a part of such groups, you can come across numerous potential candidates who are likely to be great assets to the firms you are recruiting for. As an IT recruiter, this is one of the quickest ways you can source a candidate for recruitment.

Using recruitment technology right is the greatest way to source candidates with the help of data and analytics. And with these hacks in tow, you are sure to find candidates worth the time spent and the cost per hire.